Why Choose George Miller HR Recruitment Team as Your Consultant Specialists?

George Miller HR Recruitment Services has always attained a high level of client satisfaction. This is borne out by the following advantages provided by our exceptional services:

 All employers requesting job posting services are required to have their Business Registration/ Corporate Registration copies verified by our professional HR recruitment team before they can post any job openings on our website. It ensures that candidates won't be taken advantages of by unscrupulous job posters.

 George Miller is dedicated to ensuring that only legitimate job openings would appear on our website. Well aware of the issue of job scams in Hong Kong, we understand that it is difficult to remove all bad postings in a timely manner. But candidates are of most importance to us. Our Recruitment Team monitors and polices job listings posted on our Website on a regular basis.

 George Miller HR Recruitment Team has an enviable reputation in delivering experienced professional and supporting staff, both permanent and temporary, to the legal, accountancy and other professional service sectors.

 Our experienced HR Recruitment Team has a good understanding of the culture and structure of the firms and how this sector differs from other industries.

 Our experienced HR Recruitment Team offers professional advice on prospective market rate, assists in drawing up job specifications, and keeps up to date with market trends and changes.

 We are aware of plenty of vacancies and seek out new positions all the time. When you register with us, we let the firms in the area you seek employment know that we have a candidate looking for a particular type of work, and give them a reference number. If interested, they contact us, and we let you know the firm's details. If you are also interested, we contact the firm and arrange an interview for your, letting the firm know your name at that moment.

 We will not send your Resume to employers without your express consent. We will advise you of all suitable legal jobs well in advance.

Become our candidate by choosing our quick-apply steps and submitting your resume; employers can search your profile and request your resume automatically from our website services. Also, you will be sent with latest job news from our Job Alert service when you opt to receive. Since you will also become our e-Privilege Club member, you can earn reward by referring your friends to our opening jobs. By our Referral Program, every reward you gain will allow you to redeem from our fabulous choices.

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