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Date of issue: 2014-03-13
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Chinese Tea)

"Holiday Greetings with Warm Chinese Tea" Giveaway goes to Singapore winners.

Congratulations! You can get a Tea Bag Gift Set FOR FREE.

Date of issue: 2014-01-22
Holiday Greetings with Warm Chinese Tea

The New Year 2014 is drawing! This time, George Miller is going to give away 2 gift boxes of Chinese Tea Bag FOR FREE to 2 lucky winners from Ten Ren Ming Cha (天仁茗茶) which is a famous tea brand among USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Australia. These are Open to WORLDWIDE! Let’s see if you can warm up by Chinese Tea.

Date of issue: 2013-12-20
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Lucky Bag)

"Christmas Lucky Bag to the World" Giveaway goes to California winner.

Thanks for joining the Happy Friday Giveaway Event!

Date of issue: 2013-12-06
Christmas Lucky Bag to the World

Christmas is around the corner! This time, George Miller is going to give away a Lucky Bag (Worth up to HKD$500) FOR FREE to 1 lucky winner. We have prepared a number of mysterious gifts in the Lucky Bag which is Open to WORLDWIDE! Let’s see if you can get an early Christmas gift!

Date of issue: 2013-11-18
Fruito Hunt for Body Butter

It’s Friday! Time to have a blast and reward the whole week! Wanna get relaxed and refreshed? This time, George Miller is going to give away 6 Body Butter FOR FREE to 6 lucky winners. Each of them can get 1. Autumn makes our skin dry so you may need extra moisturizing care for your skin. What makes your day besides body butter then?

You may know the fruit obviously from the photo BUT what you need to do is to find the hidden fruit in the photo which looks SO SIMILAR to it. There are 3 pictures for the Happy Friday Giveaway this time. Just pick the flavor(s) you like for your Body Butter and play the “Fruito Hunt” accordingly.

Date of issue: 2013-10-28
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Laptop Massager)

Announcement of "Secret" Giveaway is for 1 winner.

Thanks for your SHARE, COMMENTS with correct answer and LIKE!

Date of issue: 2013-10-25
Secret Giveaway!

It's time to have a blast and reward the whole week! Wanna get relaxed and refreshed? This time, George Miller is going to give away a (SECRET GIFT) FOR FREE to 1 lucky winner. Tip: Think about how Technology changes your beauty life.

Date of issue: 2013-10-11
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Ocean Park Tickets)

Announcement of "Halloween Fest and Hidden Pumpkin" Giveaway is for 2 winners.

Thanks for your SHARE, COMMENTS with correct answer and LIKE!

Date of issue: 2013-10-09
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Hand Therapy)

3 box sets of Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy will be delivered from Hong Kong very soon! 3 winners in Singapore must be looking forward to their prize. Just sit back and get ready to take the best photogenic camera shots of you and the prize. All of us can share your happiness then. Congratulations again!

Date of issue: 2013-09-26
Halloween Fest and Hidden Pumpkin

How did you celebrate the past Mid-Autumn Festival? I hope you have a good one! Anyway, the Halloween is coming in October but you definitely may prepare the holiday mood earlier. This time, George Miller is going to give away 4 Ocean Park Halloween Fest tickets FOR FREE to 2 winners. Do you dare to play with the bloody souls and uncanny pumpkins?

Date of issue: 2013-09-23
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Music Massager)

Congratulation to the WINNER of previous Happy Friday Giveaway -- Upapa Music Synchronizing Massager.

The prize has already successfully arrived Korea! Let's give him a BIG HAND!

Date of issue: 2013-09-16
Pasting aromatic purple in autumn

Time flies like an arrow. It has already come to the 4th “Happy Friday Giveaway”. Summer is waning and autumn is coming. During this dry season, you better moisturize your hands with extra attentive hand care. This time, George Miller is going to give away 3 BOX SETS of CRABTREE & EVELYN HAND THERAPY FOR FREE. It’s OPEN for WORLDWIDE! Here is a small tip. The method to win is related to the fragrance of the hand therapy. The hand therapy serves as your therapist to take a good care of your hands so that your hands can be soft and smooth in autumn.

Date of issue: 2013-09-06
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Movie Voucher)

Not long ago from the chocolate and coffee giveaway events, the movie voucher “Happy Friday Giveaway” event has ended in success. What the readers need to do is to guess who is in the image on our Facebook post and leave a comment. Most of the entries can get the correct answer – Johnny Depp. It's thrilling to tell you that the winners have already come to our office to redeem their prizes! Let's give them a big applause!

Date of issue: 2013-08-30
Upbeat Massage Experiences

Buzz~~ Buzz~~ Can you feel the massager is manipulating over your body and the music is playing along with it? What makes it most amazing is that the beat of your massager can synchronize with the music you choose. Your pressure after days of toil will be much alleviated at once! Fine. This is no more a fantasy but you can turn it into real! This time, George Miller is going to give away a “Music Sync” Massager.

Since our page has already reached 2200 LIKES, we will randomly select one lucky “LIKERS” regardless of nationality as the winner. It is open worldwide! Don’t stop. Keep the number of LIKES surging! The simplest way to win: press LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends on facebook! You will be added to the lucky draw automatically. Quick Move!

Date of issue: 2013-08-23
Congratulations! A big applause is deserved! (Chocolate & Coffee)

In the past two weeks, our very first Happy Friday giveaway events for both chocolate vouchers and coffee gift cards have officially ended and resulted in great success. We received entries from different channels and it is surprising that most of the comments are in good quality. It takes us quite some time to pick the best few candidates. At the same time, it is a hard decision for us to disappoint some of the supporters. After all, the result of winners has been released and uploaded to the website. We feel thankful to people who support us and witness our effort. A big applause is deserved for all of you!

Date of issue: 2013-08-09
George Miller offers Happy Friday Giveaway!

Say “T-G-I-F”! Thanks God. It’s Friday! On every Friday, George Miller is going to give away luxurious gifts to you! Just name a few of them: movie vouchers, Starbucks gift card, awfully chocolate, etc. How to reward your hectic working week and get relaxed on Friday? What about enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Green Tea Latte and a bite of sweet chocolate and watching a hilarious film. More and more tempting giveaways are coming! How to get it? Easy! Simply follow “George Miller” on Facebook and only 3 rules apply to the Facebook world: Like, Comment and Share! Tell us your story on different topics of every “Happy Friday post” and wait for our announcement. The more you are into us, the bigger chance you deserve to win!

If you do not have a Facebook account, feel free to follow us on twitter, Google+, or even make use of the candidate referral program on our website to share the happiness with your friends! We will be keeping records of all the entries and select the best!

Date of issue: 2013-07-26
George Miller launches New Services & New Website

Founded in 2005, George Miller serves as a leading Human Resources Recruitment firm, providing professional consultancy services with unfailing effort to employers and job candidates as well as the recruited parties. For the employers, we have been endeavoring our best to provide headhunting, general recruitment and executive search for long so that the employers can optimize their time for other businesses. On the other hand, we offer professional CPD courses for job candidates who have a strong desire to be equipped with the best competency and reach the top.

New Services

Besides traditional recruitment services, we are the first one who introduces resumes screening services in Hong Kong. This brand new service assists employers to select the elites in an effective and efficient manner at a reasonable price. To cater different resume screening needs, there are 3 packages for the employers to choose, ranging from economy package to premium package. Furthermore, some new courses are now available, such as language, leisure and professional training courses so that the job hunters can fully utilize their time and get well-prepared for the job seeking.

Re-designed website

Recently, we have revamped our website with unremitting endeavor so that everyone has a better understanding and keeps informed of the job market. Since the redesigned website renovated the website framework which offers easy and quick access to key information in one click, and it also introduced some new features: job vacancies, salary trends, interview tips, E-privilege Club, privilege blogs, Lifestyle Directory and so on, it is more user-friendly and comprehensive compared to the original website. We would like you to share our joy and witness our newly designed website on 24/7!

Date of issue: 2013-07-24
Advertising platform open for promotion now!

Now, we offer an advertising platform for advertisers to promote their services. In the past 3 years, the traffic rank of our website in Hong Kong has promoted from 5,954 in 2010 to 2,715 in 2013 which implies a 119% stark increase. More than a half of our visitors hold a university degree while a quarter of them hold a postgraduate degree. If you want to explore the target market in well-educated tier, George Miller fits you!

Bored from plain text advertisement or got headache from planning? No worries! It is a one-stop rich media solution that our seasoned web designers and programmers are pleased to devise a tailor-made advertisement, including banners and super videos, for your company according to your requirement. Your message can be broadcasted to the target customers with this channel. For more information, please do not hesitate to consult our advertising team at (852) 2151.1375 or email us at

Date of issue: 2013-07-23
Following the lifestyle directory to work hard and play harder in HK

Hong Kong is an enthralling food and shopping paradise that everyone keeps an eye on it. This dynamic metropolitan glitters all day and night in the international stage because Hong Kong people are known to be work hard and play hard round the clock! As we know you must be sitting in the office and straining the whole body for so long, you deserve to enjoy a better work-life balance apart from the financial reward. George Miller cannot wait to introduce our latest website to you all! This is a one-stop lifestyle directory that provides you with the city’s best high-end products which are selected meticulously by us. We update the website regularly with the news of superb food and dinning, attentive health and beauty, relaxing travel and leisure, exceptional education and training, professional services, not to mention, other tasteful services. Stay tuned!

Date of issue: 2013-07-22
George Miller attains social responsibilities by giving

Besides the economic role of business, George Miller also carries out corporate social responsibilities in order to care the needy in the society. We are committed to supporting community in different aspects with sustainable effort so as to deliver a positive message and influence to the public. Up to now, 7 community services are in line with our social company goals that they have already shown interest and cooperated with us, namely, helping hand, Oxfam Hong Kong, Hong Kong Breast foundation, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Hong Kong guide dogs association, Society for the Abandoned animals and Care for your heart. You can browse their latest news and events on our website and more upcoming organizations are ready to join us. Do not hesitate to be a caring citizen and perform social activities by all means.

Date of issue: 2013-07-21
George Miller introduces E-privilege Club

No matter you are an advertiser, an employer or a candidate, we sincerely invite you to join our E-privilege Club. E-privilege Club, simply implied by the name, is a membership benefits program that special offers including but not limited to high quality food & dining, education & training, health & beauty, travel & leisure, and other professional services will be given ceaselessly. Again, these offers are provided for our members exclusively.

Register now to start enjoying a wide range of member-exclusive offers and discounts!

Date of issue: 2013-07-17
Love, Like & Share our Privilege Blog

We are proud to introduce our new seession called "Privilege Blog" in our newly launched Lifestyle Directory to you! As a leading provider of professional recruitment consultancy services, we strive to inspire and encourage professionals to lead a healthier, happier and higher quality of life. It focuses on 6 categories: food and dining, health and beauty, travel and leisure, education and training, professional services or any other aspects that you can name it. If you are interested in the latest trend of “mix and match” in fashion, wonderful dining experiences, exciting travel journey, healthy work tips, or any other inspiring issues, you should definitely come take a look at our Privilege Blog and interact with our renowned bloggers!

Date of issue: 2013-07-15
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