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Tickets For Movie Aficionado
Date of issue: 2013-08-30

Not long ago from the chocolate and coffee giveaway events, the movie voucher “Happy Friday Giveaway” event has ended in success. What the readers need to do is to guess who is in the image on our Facebook post and leave a comment. Most of the entries can get the correct answer – Johnny Depp. It's thrilling to tell you that the winners have already come to our office to redeem their prizes! Let's give them a big applause!

It's movie time! Let's enjoy the show!

Again, Congratulation to our winner!

Here are the results of giveaway event (Movie Voucher x 2):

- Tenny Ng

- James Wong

- Cosor Ling

Previous Message on 2013-08-09:

As we received overwhelming replies from different channels in last week’s “Happy Friday Giveaway” event, we cannot wait to promote the coming giveaway! You can share the giveaway with your other half, beloved family and friends!

Shopping, dining, and movies become the necessities of Hong Kong as they are the most common leisure activities nowadays. We know this well and want to take the chance of “Happy Friday Giveaway” to reward you with it. What makes a better weekend by sitting back, letting jobs behind and enjoying a great movie with your beloved one? George Miller is going to give away 6 MOVIE VOUCHERS to 3 WINNERS, which means each of them can enjoy 2 tickets for free! We smile, we cry, we love because of our job. We also smile, we cry and we love because of the movie. You can claim these superb privileged deals by following these three simple steps:

1. Like “George Miller” on Facebook page

2. Guess who is in the image. Easy! Right? Write down the name in the comment.

3. We will randomly select 3 users who get the correct answer.

Giveaway ends: 22nd Aug, 2013 (Thu) 12:00pm