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Craving For Chocolate Indulgence
Date of issue: 2013-08-13

Last two weeks, some chocolate vouchers from a famous brand in Singapore are distributed to the winners. Although this event lasts a quite short period of time, we already received entries from different channels and it is surprising that most of the comments are in good quality. We are glad to hear different kinds of incentives in work and the sincere greeting from the entries that motivate us to go forward. There was a fuss for us to pick the best few candidates. At the same time, it is a hard decision for us to disappoint some of the supporters. We feel thankful to people who support us and witness our effort. A big applause is deserved for all of you!

Here are the results of giveaway event ($100 Chocolate Vouchers):

- Cheung Chui Ying

- Brandon Lo

- Nicole Nly

- Natalie Fong

- Hackennis Ng

- Cammy Ng

It is delightful to see the winners receive the vouchers with a grin!

Previous Message on 2013-07-03:

George Miller is going to promote weekly giveaway on every Friday! As the main purpose of “Happy Friday Giveaway” is to reward you guys' effort after a long week, people can feel free to comment and share their views on our job-related topics. At the very beginning, fifteen (15) $100 Vouchers of a fancy and luxurious dark chocolate cake shop will be provided. What people need to do is just tell us their biggest incentive to work. The best 15 candidates will enjoy a chocolate-filled weekend! You can claim these superb sweet deals by following these three simple steps:

1. Like “George Miller” on Facebook page

2. Comment on what is the biggest incentive for you to work

3. Be creative! 15 most impressive comments will be rewarded!

Giveaway ends : 8th Aug, 2013 (Thu) 12:00pm