Uno Duo Trio Italian Home-Cooking

Many years ago, a little girl was told by her linguistically gifted old man who speaks 6 languages to learn the beautiful Italian language. ​The little girl grew up without forgetting what was asked of her. She embarked on an Italian journey, little that she knew it won't be of a linguistic one, but a culinary one in the end.


"Italian food in Hong Kong are not quite like those back home" she often heard her tutors & Italians friends say.​ "Really? How so? Can you show me how it should be done?" she asked.


And they did. They often get together cooking at each other's homes for dinner parties. They showed her, this Portuguese Chinese descent, the gems of their family traditions - the food they grew up eating. With time, she became better & better. One day during dinner, one of them said, "This is what I have been missing so much - it taste just like my Mama's cooking. THANK YOU, Lana!"


This is how UNO DUO TRIO - Lana's Italian Home-cooking was created, by the demands of homesick Italians & the enthusiasm of a curious Italophile. Now these amazing "flavors of Mama's cooking" are available not just for Lana's friends. They are available for all of you who visit as her guests.