Hong Kong Treble Choir

Involved in the music recording of the series of “Mcdull” animation movies
“Gold Award” in the 11th China International Chorus Festival in Beijing (2012)
“Category Champion” was awarded in the 10th International Choral Festival
«The Singing World» in St. Petersburg (2012)
“Gold Diploma” and “The Best Conductor Award” was awarded in the 8th Cantemus International Choir Festival in Hungary (2010)
“The Outstanding Treble Choir of China Award” in the 4th China Treble Choir Festival Competition (2009)


Hong Kong Treble Choir (HKTC) was founded in November 2000 as a registered charitable organization. HKTC is honoured to invite a group of renowned choral experts and masters as directors and consultants which include Honorary Advisor Mdm. Barbara FEI, SBS, Honorary Artistic Director Prof. Wing-wah CHAN, JP and Artistic Director Prof. Leon Shiu-wai TONG.


Under the leadership of Prof. Leon Shiu-wai TONG, HKTC has participated in various performance and cultural exchange in different Asian and European countries. Touring performances was held in different cities in China.


HKTC contributed to music education in Hong Kong by participating in the recording of the primary music textbook “Musical Journey” demonstrative teaching materials. HKTC was involved in the music recording of the popular “Mcdull” animation movie series.


Artistic Director and Principal Conductor - Prof. Leon Shiu-wai TONG

  • First Vice President, International Federation for Choral Music
  • Honorary Chairman, China High School Choral Committee
  • Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Guangzhou Children’s Palace Choir
  • Visiting Professor, Tianjin University and Shanxi Normal University
  • Artistic Director of Treble Choir, Cantonese and Chinese Version of the animated movie “Mcdull. Pork of Music”

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Nursery Class: Age 3-4
Choral Class: Age 4-16


Year 2013-14 Activities
July 2013
Children Singing Contest of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Application starts
October to November 2013
Children Singing Contest pf Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Preliminary Competition
29 December 2013
Children Singing Contest of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Final Competition
April 2014
Family Music Tour to Taipei
25 May 2014
Annual Concert 2015

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