Chris's picks



I love these colours, especially the Isabel Marant high-top sneakers. 

Red Red Rose

Nearly all Dolce & Gabbana

Here is the new campaign called Chris's pick. Basically I group images or products I love and put them together to make a collage. They can either be fashion items, furnitures, gadgets or artworks.

這是我新的 project,名為「Chris's Picks」。我收集喜歡的事物再把它們放在一起,這些事物可以是時裝、家具、電子產品或是藝術品。


2013-08-01 16:42:20


Wowwwwww!!! Your blog is fabbbbb. :D I love the Dolce Gabbana wedge flat!! The platform looks so elegant and the pattern on it is pretty sophisticated! Love it!

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