Universal Flower

It really doesn't matter how much money you have in your pockets, flowers are flowers and they are always a big hit for summer. Whether it be the Prada sunglasses from their Spring 2013 collection, or hand crafted sunnies with DIY pieces; it is an essential to have in your accessories drawer for a timeless look.

Fitting on the nose bridge to hide the sun or hanging loose on the head as an adorning hair piece; colorful flower components are heaven made matches with denim goods. For a street look, go for a pair of handmade sunglasses with a wavy hair look. Match it with a loose crop top and some frilly denim shorts, converse it on the bottom or just throw on a pair of flip flops. Heading out for a special date? Rock a pair of Prada or Moschino, cover up with a silky white blouse on top and a skater skirt on the bottom. Pick between your open toe platforms or a pair of stilettos and you're ready to go.

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