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During our recent trip to Shum Shui Po, I saw so many cute trinkets that I had a really difficult time deciding what to bring home with me. But out of everything I saw, this smiley face wooden bead really caught my attention. Somehow it reminded me of baby M, and I couldn’t help but smile each time I looked at it. Some of you may know my little habit of wearing matching outfits with my little girl (as you can see on my fashion blog – StyleInkHK). I have been looking for matching accessories for us and I thought this would be a good start.

What You Need:

  • Red beads
  • Black Beads
  • Smiley face wooden beads
  • Red elastic band
  • Black elastic band
  • Scissors

What To Do:

  1. Cut a piece of elastic band (measure it around your neck to get a good idea of the length)
  2. Thread the beads onto the elastic band.
  3. Tie both ends of the elastic bands together (you should make a few knots to make sure it is secure)
  4. Cut the excess band

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