About Michelle Ng

The Chopstixfix blog was created in 2010 when Michelle Ng, a Brit-born Chinese-Malaysian, relocated to Hong Kong and decided to embark on a journey exploring the many culinary delights on offer. With food foremost on her mind at all times, she firmly believes that living to eat, not eating to live is the way to go! A passion for food was born at a young age while she was living in Penang as a child and her taste-buds became accustomed to the weird and wonderful and later on, when back in London- the cosmopolitan hub of excitement, she discovered a whole new world of different cuisines. Although the Chopstixfix blog focuses mainly on producing honest reviews of the vast array of restaurants that Hong Kong has to offer, Michelle also very much enjoys writing about any food-related activities, kitchen experiments and any cuisines she explores on her travels. She will occasionally write the odd non-food related post, but that is something her stomach protests at!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Chopstixfix

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Profile picture taken by Sophie Jin of Today Tomorrow Photography (www.todaytomorrow.co)