About Joanna Hui

Joanna Hui graduated from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and took a Jeweler Design and Fei Cui Jadeite Identification Diploma. She also graduated a Master of Logistics Management Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Sydney in Australia. Joanna has worked in a variety of creation fields which includes constructions, fashions and designs. Through to a long process trial an error before realising her interest on jewellery designs and developing her own jewellery business.

As a young artistic and creative jewellery designer, Joanna believes that there has always been a strong symbolic links between life, love and language. Joanna is trying to create pieces of jewellery that will be able to communicate to customers with symbolic features throughout different designs and patterns. As Joanna believes all women loves to have an unique and beautiful piece of jewellery for themselves, and that when they have a piece that is special tailored made, it will make them feel amazing and proud, which stands out from the crowd.