Succulent pan-fried pork bun with nice service

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Was looking for something nice for dinner in To Kwa Wan and spotted this Shanghaiese food place. Oh yeah I miss their pan-fried pork bun, why not just get in then?

At first, we picked a table at the back but the waiter told us the air conditioner was out of order so they helped us to change to a table at the front with friendly smile.

Pan-fried pork bun is a signature dish here and $7 per piece in average is reasonably charged. As each pan-fried pork bun is more than scrumptious, it's so succulent with much juice inside the bun!

The bun skin is thick and will go a bit harder if it was left alone for a while so better finished all when it's hotly served.

I also tried the mixed noodles with sesame sauce. This one was cooked a bit differently here as the noodles were in soy sauce but usually the one I know were simply plain noodles.

As the sesame sauce is quite thick, it is pretty filling. Not many people this kind of stickiness but I quite fancy the flavour and texture of that sesame sauce.

Stir fried rice cake with meat floss.

This one is in big portion that is more filling than a bowl of rice.It tastes good as the rice cake is so chewy but just slightly too oily.

Anyway, the service here is quite good as a Chinese restaurant. Not many staff at Chinese restaurants will smile to their customers and ask before taking away your dishes but the staff here can do all and show sincere hospitality service.

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Restaurant info:
Cheung Hing Kee
Shop C-D, G/F, 9 Lok Shan Road, To Kwa Wan


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Yummy yummy!!!

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