Popup Lighting: Magical Designs Inspired by Pop-Up Books

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Fuelled by a passion for both art and design, Tel Aviv-based creative Chen Bikovski founded Popup Lighting, a studio dedicated to creating lighting designs that bring a magical ambiance to any space.

Chen’s deer head light fixture was first introduced on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2014, where it managed to raise more than US$20,000 of its funding goal.

The lighting design is an animal-friendly take on decorative trophy heads and was inspired by the multi-dimensional world of pop-up books.

“When I was a child I loved popup books, they had the ability to take me into a world of fantasy and magic that always inspired my dreams. Each time I flipped a page I was sent down the rabbit hole, and just like Alice in Wonderland, I discovered a new fantasy world hidden in the ordinary looking book – the surprise making the magic all the more real” – Chen Bikovski

In order bring back those childhood feelings of enchantment to our everyday lives, Chen created a lamp that comes to life with a simple flick of the switch. Like magic, the light paints the deer’s antlers onto the wall and highlights its origami-inspired shape.

The lighting design is a nostalgic wall piece that is given a contemporary and sophisticated revamp. It is made of laser-cut, folded aluminium and painted in a warm golden colour for a scintillating effect, even when not lit. The fixture measures 39 x 35.5 CM and is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting modules.

The deer head light is kept minimalist to match a multitude of interiors. It makes for a delightful addition to any children’s and adult’s room, and it is great for bringing a touch of magic to public spaces such as cafés, libraries and hotels.

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