Brings me to a playground in the novel

I had a meet up with my friends in order to plan our summer trip! Then I suggested to escape from the crowd and go somewhere remote. Yes the less the people, the better it would be to spend our chill Sunday!

It brought us to Kennedy Town and we were about to get into the restaurant K-town. But we were up for a walk to the seaside and found this Butcher & Baker Cafe! Both of us did not want to move a step further after peeping inside the restaurant as it looked like a fairyland and very spacious! This restaurant jumped to my top 10 restaurants in HK!

Apologies for not taking many interior photos of the restaurant as we were totally obsessed in the dining environment. Too beautiful to hold a camera! I liked the wall painting, food kiosk, coconut tree pattern, open kitchen, retro bicycle, flowers, hanging fan, made you feel like to "get high by the beach" in America!

Duck meat and mushroom risotto ($165)

So I was sharing my story while my friend had a bite of the risotto first. Her facial expressions changed dramatically and said "ohh you can't believe how tasty it is!" I'm like ohh really? I have to try I have to try!

Wow! I love the taste! It tastes amazingly GREAT! We both agreed it's the best duck meat and mushroom risotto we have ever tried as the duck meat was rather savoury but it matched the mushroom well. The risotto was softly cooked. It deserves an encore! Yummy!

The second dish is pepperoni pizza ($150) oh yeah the pizza was crispy and all the toppings can stick to the pizza without falling. Massive cheese is what I love! They put some red chilli on top so please be aware that it's a bit spicy. Anyway, it is also a good choice and we can enjoy different texture from the crispy pizza and soft risotto!

I saw quite many parents and kids came to this restaurant and the staff would play with the kids and made some balloons for them. The staff here were quite helpful and cheerful. They were polite and took the initiative to serve. Yea wasn't it the most genuine services and best communication between the customers and the staff?

Also, The kids chased around and their laughter were filled in the restaurant. I did enjoy seeing their warm smile and this was the bonus. This restaurant provided wifi and we did some good progress in our trip planning work.

After all, we spent the perfect Sunday here and finished our trip planning with such amazing dining experience. It made our day. Will come back for sure !

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2017-02-21 12:14:09


Looks mouthing, thanks!

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