Festive and sweet dining experiences in Mad for Garlic

About Mad for garlic, the first time I encountered this brand is the time I visited it in Singapore. Mad for garlic is a garlic-themed modern Korean and Italian fusion restaurant. I couldn't forget that taste as the garlic flavour was really really rich. For Singapore branch, they even sell garlic flavour ice-cream. Funny! That's why I was amazed when I heard mad for garlic will land in Hong Kong !

The front door looks bright and stylish

So here comes to the reception. When I approached the manager, a rather stout guy with black glasses on, he didn't have manner and his services was a bit irresponsive and perfunctory...

Lucky that there was a lady next to him and she was much smarter and helpful than that guy. Two people were reading the menu and I
stood next to them and tried to peep the menu while waiting. Then, I was about to ask for the menu but needless to say, that girl has already made the menu ready for me! She's observant to what customers need and is ready for help.

For the interior design, it was also decorated in a classy way. It looks like a distillery that showcases different kinds of wine in the cupboard. Maybe it's around the Christmas time so they used garlic to create a ring that made it more festive!

I visited mad for garlic with my friend to celebrate the coming of Christmas long holiday! Though we are two ladies, we like to eat and can eat a lot! Hahaa 

We ordered a pumpkin, chicken meat pizza. Thank a girl staff's recommendation by the way. As we were a bit confused of what to order in a list of good food in the menu, she suggested this pizza as the ingredients combinations are special and fresh.

Oh yes! The pizza was served hot and the sweet pumpkin looked golden! The chicken meat was made minced and put on top. What's more, with the capsicum, it magically made the pizza go juicy and matches well with pumpkin. This one tasted quite good and sounds healthy.

Pumpkin ,  chicken  meat  pizza

Lobster and crab meat pasta is amazing ! Amazing! Amazing! This is the best lobster and crab meat I have ever tried so my friend and I were like fighting with each other for CONQUERING more of it.

They put a lot lobster meat and a lot crab meat in it as well as eating it with the magic sauce which should be the mixture of cream and wine! After swallowing the pasta, the taste of wine subtly appeared again in the mouth. It is a mouth-watering masterpiece.

Lobster  and  crab  meat  pasta HK$148

Though it's a bit pricey at $148, I will still go for it as in the best kind of this I have ever tried. Argh. I want to try it a second time by looking at the pictures again.

Very satisfying dining experience and will come back for sure.

One small thing: as there was a small wound in my right thumb, I asked for a bandage and a staff who looks cute came over and even wrapped the bandage for me. I was surprised and really appreciated for this gentle random act. Thanks for being warm-hearted and kind.


2017-01-06 10:53:30


Fantastic and mouthing dishes!

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