Australian Environmental Friendly Brand A.C.F

Whether it is knowledge, entertainment, or fashion; Millennials have so much more access to them than we ever used to have. They are, therefore, more prone to trying out new things, and are more aware of different issues and connotations that are associated with their purchased items. It would be stupid to ignore the power this group of youngster hold in shaping the global market, and that is why I find this Australian high-end teen streetwear particularly fascinating.

A.C.F is not only a fashion brand, but it is one that dedicates for teenagers of ages 12 and up. Instead of producing fashion pieces that are more “kiddy” for these youngsters, they produce quality minimal designs that are also very attractive to any regular adult.

Currently based in Hong Kong but focuses mainly on their e-commerce site, they are very aware of environmental issues and goes by a mantra of “it’s better to do a little of something, than a lot of nothing”. This is why they oblige by the rules of fair trade and does not use any animal materials such as fur, feathers or leather. In addition, they deliver their goods to their customers solely in reusable calico totes instead of any plastic packaging.

One of the most interesting thing about A.C.F is how they use deadstock fabric so that they stay true to sustainable sources. This includes a range of recycled fibers, making their impact on the environment very small.

Designed for both guys and girls, they have executed a collection which is bright in colors and essential in the cut so that they can be worn in “transpersonal and reversible” ways. They also inspire their customers with full head-to-toe looks. This way, it makes it easy for parents to shop for their kids. Not to mention, full sets come at a discounted rate.

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