High CP dining place that is rarely seen

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With the same price, why not go for a better dining experience like Kikusan? In Central, I bet it's almost like impossible to find a restaurant that is reasonably priced and provide high quality at the same time as most part of the price goes to the rent.

Yet, in Kikusan, paying less than $100 for a meal that you can feel satisfied in Central is not a dream anymore! You will know when you see the menu as most dishes are below $100 and reasonably priced

If you just have a look to the interior decoration, you probably will be convinced that it's a fine dining place as you can see water flow on the wall, dim light, a bar table and very spacious between each dining table!

Kikusan is an outstanding fusion place that blend the specialities of dishes from different countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and so on.

First of all, let's have some avocado tofu! Tofu doesn't have strong taste by nature so it goes well with the yuzi sauce. Adding avocado on the top of it can enrich the variety of texture as tofu is soft while the avocado is rather fresh and hard. Therefore, you can feel different kinds of taste of feel different texture in one bite !

For this Layer pork cutlet with rice (HK$72), at first I was not quite understand what "layer pork cutlet" means. OK. When you have a bite, surprisingly the pork meat is very soft and clearly cut into layers!the egg at the bottom was an amazing piece! It's watery and soft that locked the taste!

Beef burger steak curry with rice (HK$76)
These two huge burger steak is tender and juicy while the sauce has a bit taste of red wine which is the bonus point!

Last but not least, Kikusan roll should be the signature dish of this restaurant! Only (HK$68) but you can enjoy sea urchin, salmon roe, minced fatty tuna ! Ohhh it tastes so good and fresh!! The sea urchin was melting in your mouth while the salmon roe was exploding as well! Yummy!

I just love the whole dining experience from the food to the environment ! Will come back for sure !!

Address: Shop B13-16, B/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen's Road Central, Central
Phone: 2521 3344

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