Lazy Oaf Summer 16

The latest collection by Lazy Oaf mixes pastel colors together with a strong sense of summer lightness, where the campaign images emphasizes on the feeling of a “wasted holiday of days gone by”. Blending different silhouettes together, the collection rediscover classic cuts and patterns which are inspiring to look at, and statement-making when being worn.

Featuring goodies such as the Watermelon Frill Shirt, the Happy Pants, the Bow Tie Puppy Cap and the Pineapple Duffle Bag, the collection is filled with repeated patterns, tapered tailors and naughty details. With high waist skirts matched with ruffle tops, and over-sized shirts matched with vintage shape jackets; their apparels all challenges the common structure, inducing a new, refreshing look for summer. As if they are “plucked straight outta your nan’s house”, embrace their matching sets of polka dot tops and bottoms, and enjoy their bleached out denims and sweet complimentary accessories!

Mino Mart: 142 Woosung Street, Jordan (Summer 16 Collection)
Swimwear available online


2016-06-07 12:18:59


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