5-star cafe but still have room to improve for service delivery

I read an interview of the chefs in this restaurant which is about them pursuing their dream as they worked for a 5-star hotel as a chef before and wanted to start their own business

It stated that some renown shopping malls have invited them to start the business there but they still chose To Kwa Wan for the sake of interaction with customers in this old district.

The article has also mentioned that they marked at a lower price but remained to use fresh ingredients from the origin.

Burger lunch set:

The burger is huge and each ingredient of it is well-cooked. The hamburger bun is baked nicely with butter paste. What's more, the patty is the soul of the hamburger as the patty is very juicy and thick. Also, it is quite tender but not powdery at all.

For the fries, it is savoury and thick like the finger food we eat at bar restaurant. Anyway, the looking of the whole dish is also quite pleasant.

Pizza lunch set:

Oh I like mushroom very very much plus the flavour of wild rocket. The toppings won't fall when you pick it whereas the top quality tomato paste also matches well.

Here comes to the dessert:

Napoleon - I witnessed the chef make it from the scratch so it's freshly baked. It is very crispy and the sweet thick paste also goes well with it.

As every lunch set comes with soup and drink, I recommend you to choose the fruit tea as a slice of big grapefruit will be served as well. Though it doesn't taste anything like tea, the Orange juice is not bad.

Carrot and asparagus soup:

What this restaurant has done extremely well is that the chef is generous in using the original food but not just give a few and result in plain taste. The carrot and asparagus soup is thick and rich in flavour as you can see some small dices of carrot inside without sour taste.

Fried cod fish fillet:

Umm... this one is just so-so. As the fillet is thin and small as well as a bit overcooked that you can hardly cut it, this one is not recommended then and just gets a bare pass.

Creme brulee:

Oh! yes this one is so yummy and reached hotel level. A few bites can finish it so I would like to have an encore of the Creme brulee!

The dining environment is also quite cosy and spacious but it would be better if the room between each table is larger.

One thing that I have to point out is the food delivery. The food came really really SLOW..........like a turtle.......The first dish came 20 mins after the order while all dishes only came in an hour......Usually the customers come to the restaurant when they are hungry enough and may lose patience if the food arrives that SLOW.........

It seems there are not many chefs in the open kitchen but they do need to improve this point if they want to have a better reputation and attracts more customers.

Moreover, this restaurant tries to position like a slightly high class western restaurant but one waitress here talks like the one in Chinese cha Chan ten as she talks so loud and addresses the customers as "Leng nui, Leng jai" which sounds so weird.....I expected to come here and enjoy a pleasant dining but not in a mood to feel like yum cha place please....

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Sweet Taste Cafe:
Address: G/F, 34E Tam Kung Road, To Kwa Wan
Telephone: 2997 8890

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