Superb yum cha place with outstanding food!

Usually, people may have a conservative image towards yum cha place like the food is greasy, the Chinese restaurant is old, waiters talk so loud and rude, only grannies head there in the morning.

This little place in To Kwa Wan totally changed the usual image but turned it into a modern dining place, high quality food with new menu, hospitable service! Most importantly, most of the dishes cost around $20 or less so paying $50 is good enough or a full meal.

If a caption is missed, people may think it's a karaoke lounge, spa or any nice eatery. The customers can grab the dim sum together with watching TV at HD resolution so it's not bad.

For the menu, we can see that some menus are in new pairing such as sweet potatoes for the fries, needle mushrooms in beef spring roll, crispy oat with fried banana. Yea all look quite new and nice trying as the ingredients make the dish less oily to cater modern healthy lifestyle.

Pork neck meat in Tai O shrimp paste steamed rice $36

It's rarely seen shrimp paste goes with pork neck meat as usually the latter pairs with soy sauce or simply baked instead of steamed. The shrimp paste still matches okay with it to make it taste a bit savoury. A nice try! The rice portion is huge that is so filling for a girl.

Assorted abalone steamed rice $45

Only one abalone in the so-called assorted abalone steamed rice but other ingredients are as usual in a common steamed rice. But the good point is that the rice is steamed in a bamboo case so it retains the aura. Also, as you can see they use something like Japanese rice that is softer and at good quality.

Radish spring roll with Bonito flake $24

A must for order please! They used a rather sweet radish and it goes very very well with the bonito flake as you can try different texture and flavour in one bite. Also, the original radish has been put in the stuffing to make it more chewy. The Spring roll is quite thin that will not affect the taste of the stuffing.

Some extra menus for morning and afternoon tea session. As you can see, it's just $35 that they will not rip you off and the food is freshly made once you make an order but not readily made like chain store.

I definitely come back to try other food again!

More food photos on Instagram: @pollypockethk

Address: G/F, 61 Pak Tai Street, To Kwa Wan
Telephone: 3461 9428

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