Cheap but amazing Omurice in a hidden place

I have heard this Omurice place for long so it's on my to-go list. During Easter holiday, I really went all the way to Shau Kei Wan just to try the Omurice.

Omurice with chicken stuffing set with a drink ($35)

Not to talk about the taste first but it's already like impossible to find a meal set at $35 including a drink in Hong Kong nowadays.

Okay. Talk about the Omurice now. The dish is served hot as you can smell the egg flavour that makes you drool. The egg is the soul of this dish so that's why it makes the omelette is so watery and soft. The texture is JUST ABOUT RIGHT! Let's have a look inside.

At first, I thought it just simply goes with curry and rice. Surprisingly, it's filled with 1. A LOT OF SMOOTH CHICKEN MEAT 2. FOUNTAIN-LIKE CURRY 3. SOY SAUCE FRIED RICE

This dish looks like a mountain Omurice honestly. The stuffing is huge and one dish is enough for two meals indeed. It's so filling.

Don't forget the milk tea. The set includes one drink as well. Don't hesitate but just goes for the milk tea please. My advice is not to put too much sugar but taste the original flavour. It's heavenly silky and smooth. You will miss this taste when you travel out of Hong Kong.

Frankly speaking, the dining environment doesn't look too pleasant and it doesn't even show the menu. But who cares, everyone just comes here for the Omurice!

The chef will smile to the kids and still keep good services even the order is non stoppable. Hahaa appreciate that! 

Yea feel so satisfied and get recharged for the day after a plate of Omurice !

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The restaurant info:

華記士多 (Sai Wan Ho)

Shop 3B, G/F, 48 Shau Kei Wan Road, Sai Wan Ho

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