A must-go Korean restaurant with happy vibe

Everyone knows I am a big fan of Korean food but some Korean restaurants in Hong Kong just try to take advantage of the Korean wave and produce Korean food in Hong Kong style.

Yet, this Sister Korean Cafe in a small estate shopping mall in Tai Wai is exceptionally genuine. Starting from the door front, you can tell it is nicely decorated like a street to make it more stylish and young. It already stands out from other restaurant we used to know for the shops in an estate shopping mall. For the menu, most of the food items are reasonably priced or even lower than usual level, say around $60-70 per main dish which is not bad.

Surprisingly, it is full house even it hasn't been the peak hour as I have to emphasise that this local shopping mall is rather distant from the main district and nothing much to see as no brand names but only stores for local residents. People possibly come to this restaurant on purpose then. I reckon that it can accommodate over 60 people at a time.

The food delivery is also fast enough as all are served hot and placed to the table within 10mins. Here comes to the first dish: 

Chicken in Ginseng soup

It is in a big portion. An entire ginseng and glutinous rice can be found inside the chicken so the soup base is fairly sticky has a very very strong taste of ginseng. Also, the chicken skin is soft and thin to tear without causing much hassle.

Vermicelli & Rice Cake Carbonara 

This one is really cool!!! I will definitely order this in every visit. First of all, each vermicelli is fully absorbed in yummy Carbonara. The carbonara sauce is also rather thick and sticky. When it is added together with chewy Korean rice cake, ham, and vermicelli, the taste is just like magic. Again, it is also big in portion that is so filling.

Spicy kimchi & Pork rice soup

I thought the chef mixed up "Spicy kimchi & pork rice soup" and "seafood & tofu rice soup". Anyway, they put extra tofu to our rice soup. This one is also not bad that the ingredients match very well. Besides, it looks red and quite fresh that increases appetite much.

Korean Kimbab! 

This one is superb!!!!! This one goes with cheese. Hey, that's cheese!! One bite one kimbab!! It is very tasty! 

Double Strawberry Yuzi smoothie!

The ratio of shaved ice to juice is just fit as it won't turn out to be too watery or too thick.Strawberry crossover Yuzi tastes fairly sour and sweet so the refreshness boosts your mind.

Interior design is another selling point. It is decorated in vintage style that all the items are like antique, say the clock, hairdryer, telephone, radio. The owner probably spends much time and effort to collect these.

I do enjoy the vibe and food here. It deserves customers to visit frequently. Nice food, fast delivery, nicely decorated dining environment, happy vibe, reasonable price, big portion, good service, so..... what else can you ask for ?

Sister Korea Cafe

Address: Shop 17, 18-18A, G/F, Sun Chui Shopping Centre, 2 Chui Tin Street, Tai Wai

Phone: 2596 0018

Business hour: Monday - Sunday 11:30am - 11pm

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