I am finally back to the dinning scene after all the essays writing and examinations. *warm applause please? This time I went to [a newly opened Italian diner] for tasting. They have some really delicate parma hams in a reasonable price with excellent soft cream cheese. *needless to say, everything from Italy.

YOPO - you only pay once
One thing that is cute about this diner is that you do not have to pay every time you order food but pay it one-off when you check out. [impressive, isn't it?] Everything you ordered will be recorded by a mighty red card. [pretty much like the library system in a nutshell, think this is a better way to explain]

things you cannot afford missing: parma hams, panini and pizzas. Plus, you can always mix and match different ingratiates to create your own flavour. In other words, the made-to-order services you usually have in Gucci is now extended to the dining scene. Bravo.


2015-01-07 11:19:32


Good place for Italian meal!

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