It has long been my dream to travel alone - wandering around in an unfamiliar place, talking to native people in their own language (えぇっ!ワイイ!Σ(^∇^;)えええええ~ comprenez vous? Vous devez avoir fait cela.), taking photos ceaselessly and essentially on anything you see (as if you would never come back again), you name it. [Okay, been there, knew it.] 

SO I went to Japan alone two months ago and had experienced all these things. *virtual high 5 if you have done these too. we are cool kids* The trip was an impulsive one and I even booked my air ticket before booking hotels. *truly one rebel* but this is how things get interesting - when you are totally unprepared, everything becomes funny.

Highlights of my trip:
1) I got to the wrong station on the first night. Too poor to hail a cab. *Cabs in Japan are 3 times more expensive than those in NYC.
2) I got lost for an hour searching for my hostel. Yep, I had no internet connection so no Google Maps. 
3) I rode a bike around Osaka castle area. Live like a local, ride a bike in Japan.
4) I couchsurfed twice in Japan. Amazing to live in a native's place. SO MUCH LOVE!
5) I made some damage in Hermes. If you are looking for a Birkin bag, Japan is the way to go. No more snobbish salespersons from Paris. 


2014-09-23 15:27:35


Another good stuff for Japan-holic fans. Thanks.

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