The Woods has been the talk of the town recently. Having to be the baby of three creative mothers as Victoria, Juliette and Regina Chow, The Woods has not failed to impress me and my partners in crime last week. The above picture shows what our damages were: from left to right > Hemingway Daiquiri, Daily Market Special, Blackberry on Rye (Michter’s rye whiskey, pinot noir, plum bitters, fresh blackberries and a dash of lemon juice), Dirty Martini. A total of $600 for four people including service charge. 

Photo from The Woods Facebook Page :

A concept cocktail bar on Hollywood Road, inspired by seasonal ingredients and beautiful design. Their menu consists of classic cocktails made with a twist of market-fresh ingredients, and features a list of concoctions that use fruits and vegetables as they come into season– be it Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.  - Self introduction of The Woods

Me and my friends were in love with the decor and everything. We especially love the black-and-white painting hanged on the wall next to the toilet. Given that we were all students of Comparative Literature courses, we find the painting an excellent example in examing the notion of juxtaposition, namely the juxtaposition of black and white, forward and backward, determined and aimless, to name but a few.

There was only one thing which annoyed me that night. One of the waiters kept pushing me to place my order. C'mon, seriously, I would simply let you know when I have made up mind. Asking me repeatedly will by no means help me pick what to drink in any way. Extra on-job training on basic manners to customers shall be provided to him. 

Verdict: The Woods is overall a very classy new cocktail concept bar stocking artisanal spirits. I will definitely come back for my Hemingway Daiquiri and their 4-course prix-fixe cocktail menu ($688). Call 2522 0281 or email to reserve! This 8-seater bar is only available from Monday through Thursday at 8pm.

Keep it hot and classy, The Woods!


2014-08-21 10:31:15

Fiona Cheng

It looks good. Friday is coming. I know where to go. :)

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