I am a fragrance maniac. I have been trying out an array of diffusers from brands of different countries and different price ranges. Most are, deplorable, useless. You either have to sniff at it super close or hardly can you smell anything.

我是個很喜歡用diffuser的人 ,也試過很多不同品牌的,不論價錢的高低,大部份都是要把鼻子嗅得很近才能勉強嗅得丁點味道,那怕是過千元的皇室品牌也是這樣子。

I purchased this Baies D'Amour diffuser from Zara Home two months ago. I guess my long quest on finding my mrs. Diffuser has come to an end. My room was filled with its pleasant aroma with just three diffuser sticks. One can guess that the result would be even more phenomenal if I put all the sticks in, the more, the merrier. It first smells like Lychee (the topnotch ones, refreshing and clean), followed with scents of jasmine. Some netizens said this smelled like Diptyque’s Baies. 

兩個月之前在Zara Home購入這支Baies D'Amour,我想我終於找到一種真正能散發香味的diffuser了。我只是插了三根散香竹,光是十五分鐘已經能令房間充滿香味。它的氣味起初是荔枝味,之後是漿果混合茉莉的味道,清新而不俗。網上有人說它的味道像Diptyque 的Baies。

According to the information stated online, this diffuser can be used up to a span of two months. You are reminded that air-conditioner would dry up the fragrance oil in the diffuser so I suggest you putting the diffuser in your wardrobe to keep it from drying up. I got it for HK$399 which is a tad bit expensive for diffusers. Considering its perfect performance, however, it’s totally worth of it. I am definitely buying more and I don’t think I would try other diffusers in the near future. 



2014-07-16 16:58:41

Gloria Hung

Regardless of the flavour, the design of the bottles looks quite classy! easy way to fill the room with love. lol

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