Quick Bites at K-Roll

Weekdays I seldom make my way into Central unless I have lunch plans with friends who work there. Usually their lunch break is a hasty one especially if we haven’t pre-booked, so our hour is spent finding a tasty outlet with smaller queues and if we’re lucky, seats!

One great place that a few of my friends enjoy grabbing their food from is K-Roll in Sheung Wan. I hadn’t as yet had the opportunity to go since it opened over a year ago and looked forward to seeing what the fuss was all about one lunchtime.

My girlfriend and I arranged to meet at K-roll at 12.30pm sharp to avoid the horrors of queuing at 1pm and by sheer luck, someone vacated their table.

They have a surprisingly large menu with K-rolls, K-Bowls, K-boxes, Korritos, Bimbimbap, Japchae and Ramen to choose from.

My friend recommended the Korrito- a Korean Burrito ($58), which was absolutely delish. Filled with your choice of Shrimp, Chicken, Tonkatsu, Tofu or Spicy Chicken and then encased in seaweed, vegetables and rice, the Korrito makes for a pretty filling lunch. I chose the Tonkatsu which was meaty, tender and deliciously crisp on the outside making a great textural contrast to the rest of the ingredients, and my friend had the Spicy Chicken which she said packed a bit of a wallop, so beware if you aren’t great with chili!

We also had the Japchae ($58 and only one choice- seafood) which was tasty; the noodles bouncy and well-seasoned, though the seafood seemed to be mainly mussels.

For a quick bite, K-Roll offers a tasty, healthier alternative to the usual fast food suspects. It’s good if you have a chance to kick back for 45 minutes and enjoy your lunch there, otherwise you may be tempted to scoff your meal on the road before you hit your desk.

K-Roll, 6A, G/F, Sen Fan Bldg, 6 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan; 2234 5505


2014-02-28 15:15:03

Emily Chan

Oh! I wanna try this for long! It looks very delicious! It seems Korean food becomes more and more popular in Hong Kong!

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