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Went to Loyal Dining with my best pal Rosie. That was her very first time going to Loyal Dining and she was madly in love with this restaurant eventually, which is very understandable.
跟好朋友 Rosie 到來佬餐館吃飯。

This lucky girl got a Celine bag as a Christmas / Chinese New Year / Friendship gift. from meeee.
我送了她一個 Celine 手袋作聖誕禮物/新年禮物/友誼禮物。

The name “Loyal Dining” is drawn from a play on words “Loi Lo”, a Cantonese saying refers to the exquisite imported goods from the West that became popular during colonial Hong Kong in the 60s and 70s. The concept of Loyal Dining is derived from the idea of revisiting this colonial era, when East meets West. For an authentic Hong Kong classic dining experience infused with the unique history and traditions of Hong Kong, look no further than Loyal Dining!

來佬餐館的命名,是巧妙地運用了廣東話中「來路」( 諧音:來佬 ) 一詞,意指在六、七十年代受英國殖民地統治下,於香港深受歡迎的西方入口精緻貨品。由此可見,來佬餐館的概念便是在於帶領群眾重溫昔日中西文化薈萃的殖民時代。若渴望一嚐結合本港歷史色彩及傳統特色的正宗港式餐飲體驗,來佬餐館絕對為不二之選!






來佬公司三文治伴薯條 / Loyal Club Sandwich Served with French Fries / $78

粒粒魚子海鮮炒飯 / Fried Rice with Fish Roe & Seafood / $118


乳鴿鬆生菜包 ( 六份 ) / Sautéed Minced Pigeon in Seafood Sauce Served with Lettuce Wraps (6pcs) / $168

I had Red bean ice (a drink commonly found in Hong Kong.[1] It is usually served in restaurants like cha chaan teng. The standard ingredients include azuki beans, light rock sugar syrup, and evaporated milk. It is often topped with ice cream to become a dessert.) at the end.
餐廳價錢十分親民,如果是在中環的話,我只會去來佬及 Pizza Express 吃飯。

/ Around $250 per person 


2014-02-21 01:37:14


Actually, I think the sandwich in Maxim's is already not bad and good enough. This one also looks good tho.

2014-02-18 14:25:57


Classic and old-day atmosphere, very good suggestion!

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