Noodle Burgers at The Green Lounge

Last Sunday my friends and I made a concerted effort to dine somewhere new for brunch and we found ourselves making a reservation at The Green Lounge on Jervois Street.

What makes The Green Lounge a little kooky and more than just another cafe are the presence of Nissen Noodle Burgers on their menu! As an instant noodle fan and generally interested in the strange and different, this particular dish held some appeal and we had to bypass the usual Eggs Benedict and All Day Breakfast affair for a Pickled Pork Bomber and a Satay Beef Bomber, both served with fries.

Pickled Pork Bomber, I hear you ask? This is essentially a bowl of instant noodles with pork, pickles and a fried egg… wedged between bread minus the soup base. The Satay Beef is exactly what you would find in Tsui Wah, except without having to slurp up soup. May not sound terribly appealing but funnily enough my Pickled Pork Bomber was quite tasty. I would have preferred some cheese to give it a little more salt and perhaps substitute the buns for toasted ramen instead, but nonetheless, it made for an interesting alternative to my eggs and bacon brunch!

The Green Lounge with its cheap and cheerful brunch selections is a sweet place to frequent if the likes of Oolaa and Jasper’s becomes boring. At $58 for the Simple All Day Breakfast, $55 for the Norwegian Benedict and $45 for one of their noodle burgers, including a cup of tea, I think this could become a new favourite for a happy wallet.

G/F, Xiu Ping Comm Building, 104 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan. Tel: 2535 9979

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