Veggies in Central, Spreading the Red, White and Blue

Another hidden grub stand above the concrete jungle of Central Hong Kong. VeggieSF is a destination for nostalgic reminisces of San Francisco back in the late 70's - early 80's where I would expect greasers sporting leather jackets walking around with their girlfriends eating a hamburger with fries. Instead, VeggieSF serves only the hungry herbivores of the 21st Century who are capable of finding it in one of those high-rises full of restaurants on Stanley Street near Lan Kwai Fong.

Looking out the window I see very tight spaces in between other surrounding buildings instead of the Bay Area skyline, now that's Hong Kong for you. The decor is pretty, yet jam packed with memorabilia like Betty Boop figures, books, teas, and display cases full of antique-like jewelry boxes.

The menu was a juxtaposition of modern day specialities on an oldies diner format, which was quite creative. They tooted their mysterious dressing which could accompany many of their salads, which may be a little presumptuous that their customers would not ask what it was before ordering it.

A selection of salads like Gado Gado and some pastas were talking to me. In the end I opted for a beet burger, which came with a side of pumpkin and potatoes a small salad. My friend had the Stinky Truffle which was similar to a pesto pasta with mushrooms with truffle oil and basil. The portions were adequate and I left satisfied. Reservations are a must since the restaurant closes at 10pm and I believe the dining allowance for us was 1 and a 1/2 hours before we had to return the table. I also would not come with a party more than 4.

Psuedo Nutritional Analysis: There are many misunderstandings when people go out for vegetarian because they believe they are consuming less calories. I can tell you that is a myth since the amount of cheeses, oils and carbohydrates may equal or be more than the portions at a regular restaurant. The key is portion control and if more than 1/4 of the plate is full of carbohydrates with no sight of protein or vegetables, you may re-evaluate your choice or save 1/2 for later. Refer to Choose My Plate for extra tips on eating out.

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