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Buongiorno, come stai? Sei stato a Il Posto 97?


iL Posto 97, an upbeat restaurant located in the quiet Lan Kwai Fong, serves contemporary Italian cuisine with a Michelin-trained chef Luca Marinelli (a handsome 27 year old young star graduated from the highest course offered at ALMA, Italy's premiere Culinary Academy). I tried their exclusive Restaurant Week multi-course, fixed-price (HKD$158) lunch meau yesterday.


iL Posto 97 坐落於繁華的蘭桂坊,但懶洋洋的意大利感覺充斥著餐廳。我試了一款他們特意為 Restaurant Week 設計的餐單。定價$158,定價在中環來說十分親民。他們在 Restaurant Week 中更有 $98 Set Lunch,是與好友聚舊不二之選。


Dark wooden floors, spacious tables and a modern chic déco created a relaxed ambience overlooking the hustle and bustle of Lan Kwai Fong.


View next to the window. I love sitting next to the window with Summer breeze. Promotion about Lan Kwai Fong Beer Festival is everywhere. Well, I do not drink beers :)


到處都是有關啤酒節的宣傳,但我不喜歡啤酒 :/


It's always a pleasure to have lunch with a group of charming ladies.




Antipasti / Appetizer / 頭盤


Daily raw fish (Kingfish this time), citrus salad



This was so different from normal sashimi I had in Japanese restaurant. Really fresh with citrus taste and I loved the added crunch by exotic fruit. The fish was seasoned with oil, salt and white pepper.



Octopus, potato foam, potato and parsley



Octopus was chewy but not overcooked. I particularly liked how they served me with potato and potato foam, witty.



Beef tartare, capers, capers berries, olive and egg yolk



Definitely loved this because my personal fetish over beef tartare. Please order this, you will not be disappointed.



Secondi piatti / Main / 主菜


Linguine, sardines, dill and Sicilian crumb



I loved this mostly because of Sicilian crumb. It and sardines literally hit it off.



Pan seared barramundi fillet, Jerusalem artichoke, sour cream, sauteéd vegetable



I felt that the sauteéd vegetable was a bit tasteless.



Grilled US sirloin, rocket sauce, cherry tomato, parmesan flakes



I madly loved this dish. Matching grilled US sirloin with rocket sauce was a nice bash. You have to order this!



Dolci / Dessert / 甜品


Contemporary tiramisu


I do not really enjoy dessert, sorry, even Four Seasons,Le Goûter Bernardaud, Paul Lafayet, La Maison du Chocolat or Jean Paul Hévin. If you really want me to answer, I will prefer this to Classic babà with whipped cream.

我不太吃甜品的,不論是Four SeasonsLe Goûter BernardaudPaul LafayetLa Maison du Chocolat 或是 Jean Paul Hévin的,很一視同仁。如果你硬是要我說的話,這個會比下面的好吃,但其實兩者的酒量都很重。


Classic babà, whipped cream

This was slightly too much for me given that I am not a ''desert person'' and I personally do not drink much.




Grazie, Luca! Me and my friends had a precious opportunity to talk to Luca. He shared with us that seasonal produce is of the utmost importance to prolong the taste of high-quality. For example, he hand-picked hazelnuts for his signature dessert hazelnut praline, hazelnut ice-cream and salted caramel.


謝謝你,總廚 Luca Marinelli。在與他交淡中得知時令的食物是他煮食的重點之一,正所謂「不時不用」。在米芝蓮餐廳受訓的 Luca 年紀輕輕而在歐洲不少餐廳學師,最後遠洋來到香港發展。最後只能對 Luca 說句 Grazie,因為我已經忘記了所有的意大利文,只懂一點法文和日文。



Restaurant Week ?


Hong Kong Restaurant Week is a bi-annual event. The coming 5th Restaurant Week will be jointly presented by DiningCity and American Express, with more than 70 restaurants joining. It is going to conquer the town from 5 to 11 August! Gear up, have you wallet ready because it is going to take your money or your HSBC Advance platinum card.


During the event week, each participating restaurant will offer an exclusive Restaurant Week multi-course, fixed-priced menu, at both lunch and dinner. For bookings, please check out, the international online dining guide and restaurant reservations platform.


Restaurants joining Restaurant Week include: AVA, Azure(*), Bloom, Blue Butcher(*), Carnevino, Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira(*), Harvey Nichols(*), Grand Central(*), Le 188(*), to name but a few.


I am going to pay a visit to those I marked with (*). *smirk*


Booking: - 10a.m. on 26th July, 2013 for American Express priority book

               - 4p.m. on 31st July, 2013 for general public


Menu Price : - Category A: Lunch HKD$248 / Dinner HKD$438

                   - Category B: Lunch HKD$158 / Dinner HKD$328

                     - Category C: Lunch HKD$98 / Dinner HKD$258



Points to note


 American Express will donate HKD$10 for every transaction made by American Express Card in the participating restaurants to Oxfam Hong Kong.


 To keep up to date with plans for this year's Hong Kong Restaurant Week, you should register your email at, or follow Hong Kong Restaurant Week's latest news on Facebook page ( or Twitter (





Restaurant City


Price (Food only)(Food only)Around $180 per person for Lunch and $380 for Dinner

價錢(只算食物):午飯大約 $180 元一位,晚飯大約 $380 一位。

AddressUG/F, 9 Lan Kwai Fong, Central


Contact / 電話:2186 1816


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