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Decoration of the bar is just perfect! Middle Eastern vibe is just filled in every corner in the bar.

Egyptian Mixed Platter $160
Lamb Merguez, crispy prawns, Sardines, grilled chicken, hummus, zaalouk, feta cheese & mixed greens


Merguez Salad $66
A salad created with North African spiced lamb sausage

我很喜歡吃羊腸,如果它們可以讓我買回家的話,我一定會買很多。羊腸伴 cold cut,再佐酒。

Chicken Tagine $145
Succulent pieces of chicken slow cooked with preserved lemon confit, artichokes and green olives

Tagine 是北非摩洛哥的一種烹調器皿。原本我們沒有意欲吃飯的,但看到身旁的人都叫了 Tagine 於是便懷著一試無妨的心態要了一個。慢煮的雞很入味。

Well, I do not really like this type of rice. I am so Chinese when it comes to rice. This type of rice is as tiny as sesames. I rather prefer the traditional one :) But it's good to try out new things.


I am always so behind on posts ... These photos were taken a month ago. I went to Sahara Mezz bar for my big 2-0 birthday dinner with Trista and Rachel (My best friends from high school.) The bar is not bad despite of the packed environment. You can literally touch the stranger sitting next to you. Is it too much to ask for some space in a bar?

上個月慶祝我生日時,和 Trista 及 Rachel 到了一所中東酒吧,當了一夜的中東土豪。當中有位女侍應很可愛,因為桌子很少,我們又叫了很多東西吃,沒有足夠的位置,想叫她們把蠟燭先收起,她們竟說有了蠟燭更有氣氛,哈哈,最好只好要多了一張椅子。言談間老闆也很健談。如果不談那比屏風樓更窄的空間的話,這所酒吧也挺好的。

Price / 價錢:Around $200 per person / 大約 $200 元一位
Address:G/F, 11 Elgin Street, SOHO, Central


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