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HR Recruitment Consultancy Services

George Miller HR Recruitment Services is a leading provider of professional job placement services for supporting and professional staff, both temporary and permanent. Our focus is to ensure that you receive the highest standard of service that exceeds your expectations.

Our first and foremost job is to gain thorough understanding of the unique blend of knowledge, skills, experience and personal attributes our customers expect of their staff.

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Courses and Training Services

George Miller also offers training solutions in the following areas:

Professional Development Training / Courses Language Courses
Leisure Courses CPD / CPT Courses

Job Posting and Website Advertising Services

As an established company with exceptionally good business connections with various tiers of professionals, managers, and staffs both on a personal level and via various multi-media links, our company website could help business organizations and individuals to reach their target clients / businesses. For effective and efficient Job Posting and Website Advertising, George Miller can sure be of help to you.